500 metres, about 10 minutes.

Birdsong is probably the best area for birds on the property, with rare Swift parrots nesting, owls roosting and both the White bellied sea eagle and the magnificent Wedge-tailed eagle soaring close overhead in the updrafts. Dozens of different bush birds call in the tall old growth stringybark forest, particularly in spring.

Decending down to Silverwood Gulch, this gully is rich is Blue Gum and Stringybark tress.

Swift Parrots

Soaring into the forest canopy is this senescent blue gum, riddled with the small holes favoured by swift parrots and their cousins – the green rosellas and the eastern rosellas. In the breeding season, quarrels can break out between birds seeking the same small nesting hollows.


The old growth Blue Gums provide home for different animals. High in the branches are untidy stick nests for a family of forest ravens. Brushtail possums have den's in the broken and rotted upper trunks, there are snug hiding places for pademelons in the burnt out bases. Few of the wallabies make lined nests, as they have their own built-in nest for their joeys: their pouch.

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