Son Felip has a great number of private paths crossing the forest and the farming land. They are great to be discovered by horse or mountain bike, or just having a lovely walk. It also has direct access to two virgin coves located on the north coast of the island: Cala Pilar and Pla de Mar. Being a protected environment you will come across wild goats, partridges, and many species of birds and eagles.


Algaiarens Beach

5 km from Son felip crossing Alfurinet and Fonsanta farmhouses, you will reach one of the most beautiful beaches in the island.  On the west side you can also reach a smaller version of the same paradise called "Es bot" beach


Sa Bassa Verda

8Km from Son Felip and not far from Algaiarens beach.  A small pond at the top of the hill very famous among locals as it will offer very different views across the different seasons


Cala Pilar 

4km , about 30 minutes each way. A lovely walk from the main house through property fields and pine and oak forest.




Pla de Mar

2 km, about 40 min each way