1.5km, 30 minutes.

Saunter down the road to the start of the Orange Peel track. This track starts off through the heathy Black peppermint woodlands overlooking Lousy Bay to the east, with its salmon fish farms. These woodlands and the heathfields are rich in small herbs such as spider orchids and insectivorous sundews.

The track descends down into heathfields, moorlands and wetlands, quickly crossing a small creekline filled with tea tree. These are natural soaks, fed by the slimmest of catchments and still quite undisturbed – a rare thing these days.

Wallabies, pademelons, bettongs, potoroos and possums use the area as evidenced by the multitude of small ‘pads’ or tracks they have made. Frogs and birds sing their songs to the honeymyrtle that occupies the lower swamps. The classic Tasmanian bog plant – button grass – spreads over the wetter areas.

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